Words that describe directions

Wed Apr 19 2023E.W.Ayers

Direction NameRelative ToDescription
upplanetaway from center
downplanettowards center
northplanettowards north pole holding height constant
southplanettowards south pole holding height constant
westplanetup × north
inferiorbodytowards the feet (when standing)
superiorbodytowards the top of the head (when standing)
cranialbodytowards the head, curving to finish normal to the face
caudalbodytowards the butt / tail
anterior/ventralbodytowards the belly / chest
posterior/dorsalbodytowards the back
proximalbodytowards the torso
distalbodyaway from the torso
leftbodycranial x ventral
medialbodytowards center in left-right axis
lateralbodyaway from center in left-right axis
palmarhandnormal to the palm
bowshiptowards the bit of the ship that usually goes at the front
sternshipopposite direction to bow
overheadshipnormal to the deck of the ship
deckshipopposite to overhead
portshipleft of ship, overhead × bow
starboardshipright of ship, overhead × bow
progradeorbiting bodydirection of velocity
retrogradeorbiting bodyopposite direction to prograde
zenithorbiting bodydirectly away from planet
nadirorbiting bodydirectly towards planet
normalorbiting bodyprograde × zenith
antinormalorbiting bodyopposite direction to normal
axisrotating bodydirection of axis of rotation (when viewing along the axis it should appear to be going clockwise)
outrotating bodyradially away from axis of rotation
spinwardrotating bodylocal spinning direction = axis × out
antispinwardrotating bodyopposite direction to spinward
windwardwindy placedirection from which the wind is coming
leewardwindy placedirection in which the wind is going
downstreamriverdirection in which the water is going
upstreamriverdirection from which the water is coming
transversewaveperpendicular to the direction of propagation
longitudinalwaveparallel to the direction of propagation