Notes on the Zig programming language

Sun Feb 04 2024E.W.Ayers

I had the chance to work on some Zig code over the weekends:

Overall it's been a pleasant experience. It's much easier to work with than working in C and C++. I know that I should really just learn Rust instead but I'm just not excited by it.

1. Links about Zig

I'll keep updating this section.

2. Things that are annoying but are deliberate choices

3. Things that are annoying because they are not mature

4. Things that are amazing

5. If I was designing zig

I want to contribute more to the docs of Zig. There is something about Rust that meant it never caught my excitement, I don't really get it because it has everything I want. Meanwhile I am really excited about Zig despite all the teething problems and issues. I don't get it. Maybe I am over functional programming.