Links for Janurary 2024

Sun Feb 04 2024E.W.Ayers

1. Linkdump

2. Products

Linear had a data loss incident. Related: this talk about their backend.

2.1. Perplexity

I'm having a go at using Perplexity instead of Google. It's a search engine where an LLM will have a go at writing the answer to your query based on the top hits for the search. I like:

I dislike:

I wonder how much of what makes me dislike using Google is the fact that everyone SEOs for Google. And I like Perplexity because the critical mass isn't SEO-ing for Perplexity yet. But if LLM-search becomes popular, people are going to make the SEO-equivalent for LLMs, which is wacky adversarial examples and SolidGoldMagikarp stuff.