Links for August 2023

Fri Sep 01 2023E.W.Ayers

An attempt was made to go through my reading list. It's a Hydra and every link I read spawns 4 more links on the reading list.

1. Articles

2. LLMs taking over

3. Products

3.1. Whatever happened to LightTable?

While poring through Jamie Brandon's blog I discovered he worked on Eve which was a postcursor to LightTable.

I remember getting excited about LightTable during uni (it's a 'instarepl' IDE like replit), it looks like they abandoned it and switched to a Bret-Victor-ish product Eve, but it shut down. There is a post-mortem video, part 2. The main thing I got from this was that LightTable actually influenced IDE design a lot in the 2010s; eg Chris Lattner cites LightTable as an inspiration for XCode Playgrounds (see 'Swift' section in above link). Also appears to have inspired Replit. I guess they couldn't capture any of the market. I am so fascinated with why all these Bret Victor alternative programming systems never seem to catch on. I want to compile a list of them all and see what happened to them. Replit seems to be the first one that has got some momentum (maybe Glitch before that?).

It's such a common trap: programmers thinking that everyone is doing coding wrong and trying to make their own language/framework/database to fix everything. I've found myself teetering over that precipice multiple times. The trouble is: I keep coming back.

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