New word -- Afaictive

Sat Apr 29 2023E.W.Ayers

You are going to afaictively love it.

AFAICT is an initialism for as far as I can tell. It means, you had a cursory look, and given all of the evidence available to you that could be wrong or incomplete, you came to this conclusion. But it sounds like it could be a verb too: afaict. I hereby coin:

afaictive: a fact is is afaictive if it is true as far as the writer can tell.

afaictively: something is afaictively true if it is true as far as the writer can tell. Usage:

Afaictively, this isn't going to work.

There are afaictively three solutions to this problem.

something is affectatious when it is pretentious or you are doing it just for show or it's a sham. The thing is done just for the affect, and nothing else. Similarly ...

afaictatious: something is afaictatious when it is done just for the afaict and nothing else. That is, it is not necessarily true but will cause people to think that it is true as far as they can tell. I guess it is synonymous with specious.

afaicted: Someone is afaicted when they have been caused to afaict.

afaicts: causes you to afaict.

afaicacy: the extent to which something afaicts you.

Extension exercise: iircsome, asaporific, imhomorphism